Photographer Dmitry Arkhipov

Dmitry is an award-winning professional wildlife and landscape photographer and polar guide. He was born in Moscow, Russia and has loved photography since his childhood. Being a physicist by training, he started working at Russian space science program, then he established a well-known IT company.
Dmitry traveled and photographed 115 countries so far. His five personal photo exhibitions attracted more than a million people.

Dmitry is a winner of many photo contests such as: EPSON Int'l Pano Awards, Global Arctic Awards, Trierenberg SC, B&W Spider Awards, Int'l Photography Awards, Int'l Color Awards etc.

Best Russian Photographer of the Arctic 2016 (Global Arctic Awards),
Travel Photographer of the Year 2017, 2018 (by world's largest photo contest Trierenberg SC).

Dmitry's professional certifications include:

EPSA (Photographic Society of America)
EFIAP/b (The International Federation of Photographic Art)
QEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers)

Contact information
IP Arkhipov Dmitry Valentinovich
OGRNIP 319774600525717
Address: Pushkina, 14, Veshki, Russia
Tel: +7 985 763 50 82